Make Love not war!

by admin

The whole world is still reeling from a pandemic that isn’t yet quite over even though here in London some normality seems to have come back for society.


The news breaks that Russia has started a war in the Ukraine and here we are helpless to help, brought to tears by the images that are unfolding on our TV screens like a tragic action movie but instead of being confined to Hollywood it is reality.

The question on my lips and upon the many is WHY?

Its 2022 why do people feel the need to invade another country to have power and dominance over others in such a way. To take the lives of others as just collateral to get what they want. You know we were all someone’s little baby child once, nurtured by our mothers, fathers or guardians. What happened in these so-called leaders lives to turn them into monsters as adults with no regard for the beauty that is humanity.

It doesn’t matter what country you are from, or what language you speak we all share the universal language of human emotion. Every human on earth knows what a smile means and what tears mean. These leaders with their tanks and their guns and their bombs ruling their citizens by fear of death or imprisonment have no place upon this earth amongst the rest of us humans.

We need rulers that rule by love not by fear. We need leaders that want to lift us up in mind body and spirit, that lift us up out of ill health & poverty, leaders that not only want the best themselves but that want the best for everyone else too.

Weapons and darkness may be powerful, but the emotions of the heart and the light are more powerful, and we must remember that ultimately there are more of us then there are of them.

Violence met with violence just causes more suffering and pain as the same thinking around an escalation that has occurred will not help but perpetuate the situation.

We are potentially looking at a third world war with the attitude of my gun is bigger than your gun.

I know that everyone is trying to avoid that with sanctions which should have been done long ago but if you corner someone making them an island, they will become more agitated and deranged to prove their point and the ego of no retreat will take over.

We don’t need a world army to defeat our enemies we need a world peace keeping force to

make our enemies our friends, to communicate that no matter what colour you are, no matter what your religious beliefs, no matter where you come from that we are all the same species the human race.

The rules are simple really don’t hurt another human being! Not physically, not mentally, not verbally, do not take what is not yours and look after the environment for she is the nurturing womb of our very existence.

I’m not sure how this war situation is going to pan out but for all the external influences I don’t think they are going to have much effect on the outcome. There needs to be someone in the inner circle a lion within the ring of bears to stand up and roar.

Around the world now we also have to be lions in our hearts remember that governments are there to serve the people and not the other way round so its about time we stopped listening to them and started to believe in and listen to each other.

My heartfelt prayers are with those that are suffering right now.

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