Four activities to quieten the mind

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To quieten the mind you need to learn to let things go. This can be difficult sometimes when you are over thinking a situation in your life but with practice it can become easier.

If meditation isn’t your thing or you find it is not working then distracting the mind may work for you. You may wish to exercise or take up a new hobby but if you are looking for something cheap and simple to do at home then these activities may be for you.

These activities will also help you to focus better and lift some depression.


For two pounds you can buy yourself a paint pallet and a sketch book and sit down and try to paint something. I cannot draw to save my life but I found using cut out pictures from a drawing book I could copy them and paint them in colour. It is extremely rewarding to see the finished article. I discovered a talent I never knew I had and my paintings made great gifts for friends.


Colouring is no longer for the under-fives, for just a few pounds you can buy yourself some felt tip pens and ‘Adult’ colouring books. It’s very satisfying and helps you to focus as you start colouring in the beautiful pictures. Once coloured in you can frame them for a lively photo gallery in your home.


Not just for grannies knitting is a really fun and rewarding activity, perfect if you are finding it hard to concentrate. Its not only a useful skill to have to be able to knit a blanket or item of clothing but it keeps your hands busy. If you are trying to quit smoking you can watch the TV and knit at the same time taking your mind off any cravings.

Puzzle books

Often relegated to travel journeys puzzle books in your normal spare time keep your mind active and focused. Try sudoku if you like number games or arrow words and word searches if you like working with words.

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