The Art of Awesome

by admin

We all know one….a shiny happy person that seems to have the sun in their hair and the moon in the palm of their hands. Everything goes right for them, they have the house they want, the car they want, the amazing spouse, the great kids, 3 holidays a year, constantly getting promoted in their field of work the list just goes on.

It’s easy to look at your own life and get down beat when you realise you don’t have all those material things and perhaps not the emotional support you need either. You know in your heart that material things don’t matter (though nice to have) but you wish to make a start in making your life a bit more fulfilling.

Not just that you want to be AWESOME!!!

Appreciate the little things

It’s the things that money can’t buy that truly make you happy in life, a smile from a stranger, the love between parent and child, the foot rub from your spouse after a long day.

Start to give thanks in your mind, verbally on paper in a journal however you want to express your gratitude and you will find more and more to be grateful for. You will start to shine from the inside out, your friends will say you look different as you ooze awesomeness from every pore.

Start finishing projects

Been meaning to paint that front wall? How about finishing that sewing project you started six weeks ago? The artwork you brought that you still haven’t hung up?

Make a list of things you have been meaning to do and start ticking them off. This will begin to build momentum as once you start doing the little things you will find the confidence to start going for bigger things.

Build a support network

Take a good stock of your friends, go through your social media lists and create a criteria for yourself like would I meet this person for a drink in the pub if they are in the local area would I call on this person in time of a crisis If the answer is no delete delete delete.

Once you have deleted all unnessary contacts out of your life you can really sit down and figure out who is who in your life and how they are able to support you. Of course friendship goes both ways so you need to make sure the people left in your life are the people you really want around.

Organise your life

Unpaid bills, bits of paper everywhere, not knowing if you are coming or going? Have a file day where you just empty your closets, your drawers and throw everything in the middle of the floor. Start going through absolutely everything putting away the stuff you are keeping and shredding and bin bagging everything you no longer need.

Sit and work out your finances making sure you pay yourself first every time you get paid (even if its £5 a week) to take yourself out for a tea with some friends. Then start on the bills, get your debts paid off first before you start saving.

You are on your way to being AWESOME!


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