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Many of the wars in our world are fought over energy supplies and many people attend protests and attend conferences where they take selfies of themselves protesting against such things but in actuality are not making any individual changes.

If like me you don’t have much money and are an arm chair environmentalist wishing that wars didn’t happen and wondering how you can make a difference no matter how small then this is it.

Switch your £20 savings to one of these providers who invest in green projects and green energy.

Imagine if the whole of the UK started switching to this kind of investment, it’s all about supply and demand and if the demand becomes great then more and more providers will start helping the planet.

As an individual you can make a small difference but together we are many, we are legion and we can make a positive impact on our planet by green investments.

Ecology building society

A building society with a difference, Ecology started out in 1981 and is committed to helping to build a more environmentally sustainable future.

The building society offers mortgages which respect the environment and are low impact on local communities. It also offers savings accounts which fund the mortgages and promotes sustainable affordable housing with reduced carbon footprint.

Abundance investment

If you want to make a positive difference in society, then try a savings account from Abundance which funds projects which have a benefit on the environment.

The types of projects your money will go towards are renewable energy education, health, broadband, local authority services, and social housing.

Virgin Climate Change ISA

The Climate change ISA is a stocks and shares ISA from Virgin which invests in green companies that have been selected for their profit making abilities and reduced carbon footprint.

This account gives you access to  your funds when you need it aiming to provide capital growth while being better for the planet with 25% of its funds being invested in green technologies.

Greencoat wind

If you are interested in investing on the stock exchange the Greencoat Wind may be right for you. This company owns several wind farms in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and wales.

The revenue comes from the sale of the power the wind farms produced and are sold to energy companies who are lawfully bound to receive some of their power from Green sources.

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