Four Tips to becoming a better Yogi

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Is the dream to hold yourself up on one arm legs bent over head with a big smile on your face? Yeh me too but probably like you I don’t have the drive to dedicate myself so completely to the practice but still I can make some improvements and so can you.  If you are wondering how then read on!


This is the fun part with no Stamina required. Read everything you can about Yoga and your chosen yoga style and learn the theory behind this ancient practice. Learn about how Yoga affects you and how to better yourself physically, mentally and spiritually with the continuation of your practice. Learn the history of yoga, where it came from and learn about its leading teachers.

Schedule practice

Fit yoga into your day and try to keep a regular practice even if its just 10 minutes a day. There are plenty of online classes set to varying times and everyone can find at least ten minutes. Perhaps you like to be an early bird and do Yoga before work or perhaps you are a night owl and like to do it before bed. Either way a good stretch each day will let you feel the benefits of Yoga.

Enhance your diet

Eating for Yoga doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you have to renounce meat and become a vegan or vegetarian but you can benefit greatly by adding a higher portion of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Your hair, skin and body will thank you for an uptake in wholesome natural foods making you feel lighter and clear headed. Remember to drink more water too!

Build a Yogi circle

On a Sunday during the summer I like to join a few of my friends in the local park. Here we do some light stretching and Yoga moves and afterwards we go for coffee together. Not only is it helping us to reach our yogic potential but it’s a lot of fun too. Why not get together one or more friends to join you once a week on the mat, its free and can be fun too if you incorporate a social activity afterwards.

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