Why men should learn to dance

Come on guys where are you?

The dance floor is full of beautiful women shaking their thang feeling like they are being watched by a bunch of hyena wallflowers. The few men that do venture on divide the perfumed crowd in an attempt not to be the ones dancing with the guys doing the dad dance, hokey cokey or big box little box card board box.

*Sigh* the ladies wish the hot stag group standing like statues by the bar would put down their pints and lead them into a flurry of twirls and back bends but its not to be…..

Enter Miguel…hot Latin American grabs a ladies hand, takes the lead and suddenly the crowd parts as all stare on in envy. The rest of the ladies are hoping to dance with him next….

Are you Wallflower or Miguel?

My guess is that you are probably wall flower or somewhere in-between but you aint no Migel right? Don’t worry , read on to find out why investing in a few dance lessons will transform you.

Its seriously hot

Having danced with a few Miguels in my time I can tell you from personal experience that myself and my female friends find it a very attractive quality in a man. There is just something about a guy that can take the Alpha lead making you look fabulous on that dance floor that just makes you want to see more of him. Wondered how spotty terry in accounts bagged the most attractive woman in HR? Yep you guessed it he took Salsa lessons!

Improves your bedroom performance

Following on from the above point, a man who can dance has better hip action when it comes to getting groovy from the dance floor to the sheets. If you want your lady to experience pleasure at its best then dust of those toe tappers, enjoy a fantastic evening out and show her that it doesn’t end when the lights go down.

Improves fitness

Gigantic muscles are so 80’s, been there and done that. Fit, normal size but toned muscle that knows its Rumba to Tango is where I’ts at. If you have been endlessly pumping Iron at the local gym in order to look like a stiff cardboard cut-out Arnold Schwarzenegger then this is your excuse to stop now. Build stamina, tone your muscle and be lithe like a puma ready to pounce is the new ‘in’

Your confidence will soar

Confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time but being able to dance will help your confidence to soar. Being comfortable in your own skin on the dance floor will translate into your every day life. “ooh there’s just something different about you..” your friends will comment trust me!

Hopefully we now have a few Miguels in the making 😉 Ladies watch out!!

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  1. Jason says:

    Hi, name is Jason and I have been dancing Salsa for 17 years. My dance journey started when I was on holiday in Tenerife with my friend. We were staying on the side of the island less populated by the Brits. One night we were in a bar when a Merengue track came on. Suddenly the floor cleared and this couple took the floor and they look fabulous dancing together, it was so romantic. I promised myself when I got back to England I was going to find a Salsa class and start learning. The very next weekend I was out shopping in my local town center, and got approached by a guy handing out flyers for Salsa Classes. I was with the same friend I was on holiday with, so we arranged to go. After 3 weeks of being let down by my friend constantly making excuses why he couldn’t make it, I decided to by myself.

    Starting out by myself was quite scary. I found it initially quite intimate and close quarters to be dancing with a female. It felt alien to me. Every Monday for months I would attend and slow I was starting to build a rapport with my fellow class mates.

    I remember a turning point for me was, after lesson I would stand by the bar and would love to watch the advance dancers and this how great they looked. (By this time I was at improver level). A track finish which is when people on the floor tend to swap dance partners and start dancing again. This lady approached me and asked me to dance. I was so shocked by this as she lead me to the floor. She said don’t worry just do what you have been doing in your lessons. That was the longest 5 minutes ever. After our dance, she made me promise not to stand and watch like I have been for months. From that day every week I started to ask people to dance in the social and just practice what I had be learning.

    Since that day yes I turned into a Migel.

    Bedroom performance, a Gentleman never tells.

    And yes as a byproduct your fitness and confidence will increase.

    Having this outlet in my life has really helped my and have enjoyed every moment and meeting great people along the way.

    These days I don’t get out much due to family life. But when I do, dancing Salsa is still such an amazing experience.

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